Thursday, 13 March 2008


Our colleague Ralph Locke has drawn our attention to a marvellous blog which has just celebrated its first year online: amusicology (also included in our links, below left). Directed from the keyboard by two Harvard PhD candidates, Ryan BaƱagale and Drew Massey, we are told the ”a” could stand for amusing (which it often is), abrupt (no entry is longer than 1,000 words) or even anarchic. Recent posts have included one about getting published as a young scholar, another about scaling the musicological walls (warning: contains material on the Grateful Dead) and a fascinating review of just two sentences from Alex Ross’ new book (sadly not one of ours) by Drew Massey himself. This delightful blog is worth fifteen minutes of anyone’s time.

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Ryan BaƱagale said...

Hello Michael,
Thanks so much for the writeup! We're happy to have the virtual press. As you probably know, we've got a link running to you too.
I've enjoyed reading your posts so far and look forward to seeing more.